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Analytical Support for MGP Site Applications

Legacies of the 'gaslight era', former manufactured gas plant (MGP) sites can have a unique chemical contamination signature and, as they were often located along waterways in urban areas, can present a significant challenge to remediation. Alpha Analytical has considerable qualifications and experience working on site characterization and remediation projects, where former manufactured gas plant (MGP) operations are suspected of being the primary source of contamination. Alpha has a wide array of capabilities typically required to support this project application.

In particular, Alpha Analytical has considerable expertise with the major contaminants of concern at these sites, such as cyanide and coal tar waste. Most MGP site characterization and remedial activities often involve complicated analytical approaches that can focus on these parameters. In addition, sampling programs may be conducted in support of ecological and/or human heath risk assessment; or a forensic hydrocarbon application, where the objective is to determine the source of contamination and to allocate responsibility among multiple parties. In some cases, both risk and forensic applications of the data generated are required. In all cases, PAH (polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons) analysis is required. Unlike more routine site characterization, these programs require the laboratory to place much more emphasis on sample storage, homogenization and preparation at the front end of the analytical process together with method development expertise focused on maximizing analytical sensitivity and overcoming interferences.

We have the technical knowledge and experience required to generate the best possible results from difficult sample matrices and highly contaminated samples.


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