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Alpha Analytical offers Method 1340, In Vitro Bioaccessibility Assay (IVBA) for lead and arsenic in soil. This procedure is a validated method applicable for the risk- based characterization approach of lead bioaccessibility in lead-contaminated soil. IVBA is defined in the method as the physiological solubility of the metal that may be available for absorption into the body. At this time, EPA has only validated this method for lead-contaminated soil under field conditions and not for other matrices (e.g., water, air, amended soils, dust and food).

If requested, Alpha Analytical also offers a related procedure, the “California Arsenic Bioaccessibility (CAB) Method” for a risk-based characterization approach for arsenic-contaminated soils. This procedure is similar in concept and approach to Method 1340 and is only applicable to arsenic.


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