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Shannon Turner

Shannon Turner

A reminder, if you have Vapor Intrusion investigations going on in Pennsylvania and you haven’t submitted a final report to the PADEP, then you will need to review against the new Vapor Intrusion (VI) guidance. 

Historically, there have been considerable efforts expended on evaluating approaches to the characterization and the subsequent risk assessment of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.  To evaluate risk, you need to know what is present, how much and what the applicable exposure criteria is.  This discussion addresses the analytical chemistry aspects

How can I be sure that the cans are clean enough to collect samples?

Method TO-15 describes the protocol to clean them before sample collection; this includes cycles of evacuation & pressurization with a clean air or nitrogen.

Sunday, 01 May 2016 02:59

1,4 Dioxane: What method is right?

1,4 dioxane has been getting a lot of press lately.  It has been called a likely cancer causing chemical and it is contained in many things that we use frequently. As a refresher, 1,4 dioxane is found in chemical solvents like trichloroethane or TCA, as a stabilizer and is used in the manufacture of chemicals, plastics, food additives and pharmaceuticals. It is also a contaminant produced in making surfactants, cosmetics, shampoos and detergents. The concentration of 1,4 dioxane that causes concern has been dropping significantly as we learn more about its toxic effects.

Sunday, 01 May 2016 02:56

Introducing Alpha Analytical's Blog!

Alpha Analytical is excited to announce the launch of our new blog!  We are thrilled to be sharing this new informational tool with our customers, and wanted to highlight a few things you can look forward to.  Here at Alpha Analytical, when it comes to User Experience, we take content very seriously.  We understand the pressures our customers are under on a daily basis due to industry and regulatory shifts that impact business and increase project demands and timelines.  Reliable information that is timely, trustworthy and thoughtful is at a premium.  

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