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Fence-line & Perimeter Air Monitoring

Fence-line monitoring at a demolition/remediation site or facility is used to measure Volatile, semi-volatile and Particulate emissions. These measurements are either to show compliance to a permit, consent order or demonstrate off-site emissions do not pose an unacceptable health risk or in the case of odors, public nuisance.  These sampling situations cover a broad range of sites including sediment remediation, contaminated soil removal, landfills and manufacturing facilities.  Whatever your application is, Alpha Analytical has considerable experience working on all aspects of perimeter monitoring. Consistent 5-day delivery of quality data, ability to respond rapidly in critical situations and the experience and expertise to assist in solving air monitoring challenges has built our superior Air Testing program reputation

Specific sites Alpha Analytical has extensive experience working on include: PCB's in air from sediment remediation, airport air quality, manufactured gas sites and landfill gas. Chemicals of concern at these sites have included volatiles, semi-volatiles, particulates and metals.

In particular, Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site projects can be both complex and challenging to investigate and clean up, requiring a broad range of specialized environmental testing services.  Alpha Analytical has considerable experience working on all aspects of MGP site characterization and remediation. In addition to fence line monitoring, Alpha offers specialty testing for sediments, soils and ground waters, including alkylated PAHs, cyanide and the typical MGP-associated analyses. Alpha has the technical knowledge and experience, no matter what the matrix, to provide the best possible data from potentially highly contaminated samples.

For MGP sites, where vapor intrusion is a concern, Alpha offers an extended hydrocarbon analyte list, which includes the NYSDEC 'compounds of potential concern' (COPCs) list for MGP sites; plus a number of the marker compounds considered characteristic for MGP air-phase emissions

Air Testing to Support Fence-Line & Perimeter Monitoring

EPA Method TO-15

Method TO-15 'NYSDEC MGP Indicator' compounds


Polynuclear Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) - Extended Compound List

Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs) – Aroclors, Homologs & Congeners

PM-10 and Total Suspended Particulates

Metals in Air

Mercury in Air


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