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Sample Storage

Due to the nature of Ecological and Human Health risk assessment projects; often times long term frozen sample storage is required to maintain sample integrity and method holding time requirements. Alpha Analytical’s expansive facility is equipped to meet both short and long term frozen storage demands.
Alpha Analytical’s Sample Storage Strategies have been built around the following:

  • Sample Storage & Monitoring
  • Tracking and Retrieval
  • Compliance and Quality Assurance
  • Security and Contingency Plans

Sample Storage & Monitoring

Sample storage conditions have to be rigorously maintained, and at Alpha Analytical, we have every safeguard in place. Our secure state of the art facility has 10,000 cu/ft. of frozen storage space with capacity to store the equivalent of 100,000 eight ounce soil jars, down to a temperature of -20 degrees Celsius. Our storage units are equipped with automated monitoring and alert systems, and are supported by emergency back-up generators, onsite maintenance and a full contingency plan to ensure samples are safe at all times.


  • (1) 8x8x10 walk-in freezer= 640 cu/ft.
  • (1) 12x20x8 walk-in freezer= 1920 cu/ft.
  • (2) 12x35x8 walk-in freezer= 6720 cu/ft.
  • (34) 18 cu/ft. chest freezers= 612 cu/ft.
  • (2) Natural gas back-up generators
  • Temperature monitoring system (24/7/365) for all freezers

Tracking and Retrieval

Our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) accurately tracks the custody and movement of all samples. This system enables Alpha personnel to quickly trace the location as well as the custody history of each sample or container. Alpha’s customized reports from the LIMS provide a comprehensive cradle to grave audit trail of your sample.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Our sophisticated, most advanced walk-in freezer units ensure absolute sample integrity and the regulatory compliance required when dealing with sensitive Ecological and Human Health risk assessment projects.

Alpha Analytical’s long-standing commitment to quality is maintained through our full-time quality assurance team. Alpha’s quality assurance team monitors evolving industry regulations and oversee the procedural guidelines that need to be maintained and followed. Our extensive development, management and strict adherence of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) reinforces our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality and most trusted sample storage offerings. Alpha Analytical’s SOPs are maintained with Qualtrax, a quality assurance document management system.

All sample storage units generate weekly trend reports that display the high, low and average temperatures for the week for each unit so we can proactively identify any possible performance issues with our freezers and have them immediately addressed.

Security and Contingency Plans

Alpha Analytical has invested in integrating a facility-wide security system infrastructure that ensures all building entrances are secured by keycard-activated locks with auditable access trails. Access to sample storage chambers is limited to specifically authorized and trained employees with the correct access credentials. Each individual chamber has a unique ID and is secure to ensure only authorized and trained personnel have access to them.

All chamber units are continuously monitored for temperature checks as well as system performance. If any disruption occurs within the system, a response team is immediately notified via SMS text and e-mail. In the rare case of a natural disaster or event, Alpha Analytical has installed redundant systems including all storage units are supported by two independent backup generators fueled by natural gas allowing for long-term sample integrity.

Certifications and Memberships

Alpha Analytical is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality data and service. This commitment is reflected in our accreditations and certifications with various federal and state accreditation programs. Alpha maintains TNI NELAP accreditation as well as various state certifications to support projects nationwide.

Alpha is also a member of the International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER).

For more information about Alpha Analytical’s Sample Storage Capabilities and Services, please contact us at 800-624-9220 or email at .

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