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Project Execution

Alpha's technically advanced approach will help to make your project a success.

Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)

Alpha Analytical's LIMS is the nerve center of laboratory operations. Our LIMS is central to all project operations, including managing workflow, performing complex calculations and generating reports. To virtually eliminate manual transcription errors, all laboratory instruments are connected directly to this system.


Alpha Analytical maintains a secure intranet for internal communication of all information necessary for daily operations. Alpha personnel can access client specific instructions, laboratory SOPs, reference documents, safety manuals, accreditations and more, simply by logging into our AlphaNet.

Bar Coding

Every container logged into Alpha’s Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is assigned a unique bar code label. Samples stored in our secure custody rooms can be removed for analysis only by authorized Alpha personnel via LIMS password-security access. Once finished with a sample, the container is scanned back into the custody room. This system allows the LIMS to “know” where each sample is throughout the analytical process. This is critical for internal chain of custody information, which is central to legal defensibility of data.

Scanned Original Chain of Custody

Original Chain of Custody forms are scanned into our LIMS, and available to the entire laboratory staff with just a few mouse clicks. The documents are also available to view or download by client personnel through our unique Alpha Data Exchange (ADEx) system.

Sample Receipt Acknowledgement

Within 24 hours of receiving samples, an Alpha client service representative will confirm chain of custody requests, reporting limits, special instructions, and other details of your project via an email to the project manager. A draft invoice with agreed-upon pricing will also be included. The project manager can then review this information before the commencement of any work. Often errors can also be corrected without delaying turn-around time.

Completion Emails

The Alpha LIMS will automatically send the designated project manager an email when their project is complete. This email will contain a link to the Alpha website. On the website, the project manager can directly access project results and reports in a variety of formats. (Please see the Data Management section for more information.)

Report & EDD Formats

Alpha Analytical provides summary data report sheets in PDF format through our Alpha Data Exchange (ADEx). We can also present your data in a variety of electronic data delivery formats, including:

  • MS Excel formats, including Criteria Checker EDDs, which compare against regulatory criteria
  • EquIS
  • Envirodata
  • GIS Key
  • SEDD

Data Validation Packages

For your convenience, Alpha Analytical offers fully-bookmarked data validation packages on CD-ROM. The bookmarking allows a reviewer, with a few mouse clicks, to go directly to a specific page within the large document thus making the review process much more efficient. (Please see the Data Deliverables section for more information.)

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Every job is treated like the most important one that Alpha is doing. I recommend Alpha to everyone I know has laboratory analysis needs. ”

Project Management

Alpha’s ADEx & Data Merger tools can save you many hours in preparing data tables.