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Founded in 1985, Alpha Analytical is a leading, full- service environmental testing laboratory providing analytical chemistry services.

We support projects worldwide for a wide range of environmental applications -- from site characterization and remediation -- to solid waste, wastewater, water supply and air quality. Supporting all of these individual project applications to their fullest extent requires a high level of understanding and expertise, each tailored to a specific application. In addition to having these capabilities, Alpha Analytical has designed and organized its laboratories to meet specific instrumentation and facility infrastructure mandates to meet the  differing skill sets and application  requirements associated with these projects. Alpha’s design philosophy is unique in the industry in that we have  established two separate laboratory facilities that are each dedicated to specific types of environmental project applications. This operating structure enables us to match the project with unique management requirements, differing laboratory turnaround times and client expectations. 

The laboratory for our Woods Hole Division, located in Mansfield, Mass., specializes in the analysis of sediments and tissue samples. It was specifically designed to support emerging contaminants; human and ecological risk assessment; hydrocarbon forensics; and air quality investigations. As a component of this mission statement. Since these types of projects are not routine, they require an experienced staff and an extremely well-equipped laboratory facility. This  laboratory focuses on low detection limits and every consideration is made to minimize potential contamination. The Mansfield laboratory faculty has the expertise and equipment needed to address the often divergent realities of having to obtain the lowest possible reporting limits with the highest possible data quality. (These are some of the most difficult sample matrices an environmental laboratory will ever encounter.) Alpha Analytical has earned a national reputation for analytical excellence and we have supported several natural resource damage assessments (NRDA). Representative, but not limited to, examples of the analyses conducted in Mansfield include PFAS; 1,4-dioxane; PCBs and dioxins/furans by high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS); alkylated PAH; and geochemical biomarkers; as well as a wide range of air quality analytical support.

Alpha’s other laboratory, located in Westborough, Mass., is recognized for our high-capacity standard analytical capabilities, with its ability to routinely process large projects quickly and accurately. This laboratory primarily supports regulatory compliance applications associated with site investigation, remediation, solid waste, water supply and wastewater applications. Client expectations for these projects include receiving data quality suitable to support decisions concerning human health and the environment, as well as fast and consistent analytical turnaround times. Equally important, we are also well known for the technical expertise, regulatory knowledge and high level of customer service that goes along with the dependable services we provide. It goes without saying that knowledge and experience associated with the differing state regulatory programs is a key asset. Alpha has several staff members that are active among many state regulatory laboratory and data quality focused workgroups, as well as industry trade groups and associations. This continuous participation keeps the laboratory current on the ever-changing, state- by-state laboratory regulatory requirements and state-specific analytical methodologies. Our involvement in these groups enable us to keep our clients up-to-date and provide the high level of informed management our clients require.  

In addition to our laboratory facilities, Alpha Analytical maintains a large number of service centers over a large geographical footprint. These service centers support our vast courier network and project management teams.Taken together with our state-of the-art data management system (that has the ability to provide electronic data deliverables in a wide variety of formats), Alpha Analytical offers the best overall quality, service and value in the environmental marketplace today. 


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For more information about our analytical services — or to schedule a tour of our facilities — please contact a client service representative at 800-624-9220.

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Analytical Services

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