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Sample Storage, Homogenization & Preparation

Risk assessment programs typically require long-term frozen storage. Alpha's frozen storage units are maintained at or below -15 degrees Celsius, with a state-of-the-art temperature monitoring system that tracks the temperature of each freezer, as well as all refrigeration units, 24 hours a day. In addition, all of our refrigerators and freezers are supported by backup generators, so that, in the event a power outage occurs at our facility, we are able to maintain sample integrity, which is not an inconsequential concern.

Alpha Analytical offers comprehesive and complete sample storage solutions for both short and long term projects.  For more information about Alpha Analytical's sample storage solutions, please click here.

Tissue samples have to undergo preliminary processing, homogenization and compositing procedures before they can be prepared for analysis. In some cases, these procedures can receive the highest level of scrutiny of the entire analytical process as competing interests all want to assure that a representative sample is ultimately being analyzed. Our staff has high-profile project experience performing these tasks with on-site regulatory oversight. Tissue samples are processed in a designated preparation room whether for ecological or human health risk assessment and in accordance with project specific requirements. Targeted organ dissection can also be performed. After tissue processing, samples are extracted/digested, cleaned by applicable procedures and then analyzed by the determinative analytical method.

Representative pore water samples can be generated from sediments in the laboratory following U.S. EPA and Army Corps of Engineers guidance. Sediments are centrifuged at high RPM in an oxygen-free atmosphere. Ancillary sample handling is also conducted under an oxygen-free atmosphere by utilizing a glove box.


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