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Alpha Analytical Opens Rochester, NY Service Center

Alpha Analytical has announced the opening of our Rochester, NY service center located at Metro Park Business Complex, 333 Metro Park, Suite M-5 in Rochester, NY. This conveniently located center will serve our Rochester and surrounding area customers as a sample drop off location as well as bottle pick up center. 

Daily courier runs from this service center will be conducted to our laboratories with samples received at the service center or picked up from customer offices and project sites.  The Rochester Service Center will feature unattended drop off and pick up capabilities utilizing a keypad entry system and secure storage of coolers.  The unattended service will be available 7AM - 6PM daily during normal business days. Please contact Patrick Filey via email () or via phone (716-392-3932) if you have any questions on these new services.

Alpha Analytical Rochester Service Center
Metro Park Business Complex
333 Metro Park, Suite M-5
Rochester, NY 

Alpha Value
• The most reliable routine TAT in the industry
• Local courier service
• The largest Air Laboratory in the northeast
• The best data management tools
• Routine testing capabilities for soil, groundwater, hazardous waste, etc. for all regulatory programs
• Specialty analytical capabilities for EcoRisk and Human Health Risk projects involving testing on plant and animal tissue
• Specialty testing on seawater and sediment in support of dredging and shoreline restoration projects
• Petroleum forensics capabilities with ongoing projects around the globe

About Alpha Analytical

Since 1985, Alpha Analytical has been dedicated to assembling the very best people in the business. We believe in intelligent, capable and hard-working employees who are passionate about innovating and improving how we do things and how we serve our customers. 

Our core capabilities include airwater and soil analysis, with particular expertise in the highly-specialized fields of emerging contaminantssediment and tissue analysis and petroleum forensics. We support ecological and human-health risk assessments, offering nationally-recognized expertise in hydrocarbon forensics, PCB congeners, complex sediments, as well as animal and plant tissue analysis.

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