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Air Sampling and Media

Alpha Analytical understands that importance of Data Quality when collecting Air and Vapor samples.  Alpha will deliver clean certified media for sample collection based on the requested sample analysis: Important information we need before shipping; location (state) of the site, method, target analyte list and reporting limits.

Alpha Analytical provides detailed Chain of Custody forms.  Please click here to access the form you require for your sampling event.

Alpha Analytical’s experienced project managers are here to help you through the setup of your project and to ensure the right media is on site when you need it.  

Whole Air Sampling

Passive collection method, samples are collected in a passivated silica lined stainless steel canisters.  Whole air samples are best for initial site investigations, having a broad range of Volatile Organic target analyte, concentration flexibility, and dependent on source strength ability to meet many environmental screening levels.  Canisters are shipped under vacuum. All canisters have a unique ID. The vacuum is recorded before shipping and should be check & recorded on the COC right before use in the field.  

Please note the following when ordering canisters:

Full Scan Certification 3-days preferred
SIM Certification 5-days preferred 

Sorbent Media Sampling

Certain methods use active sampling where the Air/Vapor is drawn through a sorbent media at a certain flow rate. The target analytes are trapped on specific media, the flow rate and sample collection time determines the reporting limit for the sample. Limitations are media capacity, sampling duration and the environmental conditions during sampling.  The media required for these sampling events include PUF cartridges and Sorbent tubes.

Particulates & Metals

Alpha offers a number of different filters to support particulate analysis.  This includes both PM-10 and TSP filters.


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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Alpha Analytical has become our preferred laboratory for New Jersey due to their reliability in providing quality data and also superior customer service. Alpha has subject matter experts that have provided valuable training to our teams for a variety of different subjects including emerging contaminants, data usability, VI, etc. We greatly value our relationships with our Account Manager, David Boring and Senior Project Manager, Ben Rao. Our partnership with Alpha has gone beyond what we normally expect from a laboratory because of the trust that we have in our extended project team. ”