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Vapor Intrusion & Petroleum Vapor Intrusion

Vapor Intrusion assessments can be one of the most challenging environment assessments to perform. Every site is different and evaluating exposure pathways can be problematic. When performing these investigations decisions on analytical data collected can have both significant health and financial implications. Confidence in both sample collection and data quality are critical to the decision making process.  Alpha Analytical has built a reputation of industry leading media that consistently performs in the field, delivering data quality that meets stringent regulatory requirements, with standard 5-day turn around data delivery for you to successfully complete your Vapor Intrusion investigation.

Our team of experts regularly participates in the development of rules and guidance as well as industry research.  Alpha’s experience includes actively participating in research including the first of its kind MassDEP Indoor Air Testing background study.  Our team of experts engage in assisting states on method development and Vapor Intrusion guidance technical support.  Alpha has a reputation for exceeding expectations, and we are known for a unique combination of skills that provide us with the capabilities and capacity to produce a high quality product in accordance with all applicable regulatory requirements in support of large projects on quick time-frames.

Largest TO-15 Capacity in the Northeast

Alpha Analytical has the largest capacity for TO-15 on the East Coast based out of our specialty services facility located in Mansfield, Massachusetts.  With the largest inventory of Silica fused lined sample canisters and flow controllers with digital gauges, Alpha Analytical is able to respond quickly to requests with reliable quality media to collect your critical samples within our service area.  The media is delivered and picked up at site or office through the support of our courier service network and service centers.

Methods Supported

EPA Method TO-15


Extended Hydrocarbons (Forensic) Petroleum VOCs

Natural Attenuation Parameters

Mercury Vapor


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