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Petroleum Analysis

Alpha Analytical has considerable experience supporting the largest, most demanding and high-profile forensic hydrocarbon investigations in the world.  Alpha offers a unique combination of the highest quality analytical capabilities as well as the capacity to process the large numbers of samples efficiently and in accordance with challenging timeframes these types of projects typically generate. 

Alpha Analytical is a world class environmental analytical laboratory and we provide definitive, legally defensible analytical data.  As such, we do not offer qualitative assessment or interpretation of the data generated.  The only exception to this is our basic GC-FID hydrocarbon “fingerprinting” analysis (PHI) where we do provide some qualitative information.  For clients that do require forensic data interpretation, Alpha can easily recommend a qualified third party to perform that service.  We believe this approach of generating analytical data independent of the qualitative assessment provides the most objective information. 

Alpha offers the following analyses for forensic hydrocarbon investigation and risk assessment (where applicable) applications for all sample media, i.e. air, aqueous, soil, sediment, tissue, and non-aqueous phase liquids:  hydrocarbon “fingerprinting”, saturated hydrocarbons, alkylated polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), geochemical biomarkers, PIANO and air-phase PIANO analysis.

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Alpha keeps up with the latest instrument technology, spending on average over $500,000 per year on new equipment.


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