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Sediment & Tissue Analysis

Alpha Analytical has earned a national reputation for analytical excellence in the areas of hydrocarbon forensics, sediments, seawater, and tissue analysis. Among the laboratory's analytical support specialties are the complex evaluation of ecological/human health risk assessment, dredging, and manufactured gas plant (MGP) applications. The samples used in these projects have the most difficult matrices a laboratory will receive and generally have the most stringent requirements for low detection limits and data quality. Therefore, these analyses are the most challenging to conduct. Alpha Analytical has a proven track record in the effective analysis of these projects throughout the regions we serve.

Alpha Analytical also has extensive experience with the analysis of sediment and tissue matrices, as well as soil and aqueous matrices including freshwater, saltwater and pore water. We have a dedicated facility that is staffed and equipped for this specific purpose.

Alpha Analytical's performance working on high profile projects, has earned us a reputation for analytical excellence with sediment and tissue analysis. These are projects with demanding quality and sensitivity requirements on extremely challenging sample matrices with instant name recognition such as the Mississippi Canyon 252 (Deepwater Horizon), Newtown Creek (NY), Passaic River (NJ), and New Bedford Harbor (MA)  are representative examples.

Exceeding client expectations in this area requires comprehensive and representative sample preparation and clean-up techniques on the front end of the analytical process, followed by sensitive and robust instrumental technique. Alpha has considerable experience with the proper preparation, homogenization, clean-up and long-term sample storage on a wide variety of sediment and tissue sample matrices. 

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