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Connecticut DEP RCP

CT Reasonable Confidence Protocols

Recognizing the success of the Massachusetts CAM documents to improve the quality of data from laboratories, the Connecticut DEP decided to implement a similar program using the CAM documents as a foundation. After making specific modifications to fit their regulatory program, the Connecticut DEP introduced their Reasonable Confidence Protocols. As with the MADEP MCP, an Alpha Analytical employee who had served on the Massachusetts workgroup, was instrumental in establishing the Connecticut RCP workgroup.

Alpha supports all analytical testing categories listed under SW-846 including the following Connecticut specific methods:

  • Connecticut DEP ETPH (Extractable Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon)

In addition, Alpha provides support of the MA DEP MCP methods for petroleum hydrocarbons, as required with the Connecticut regulatory program, including:

  • MA DEP EPH (Extractable Petroleum Hydrocarbons)
  • MA DEP VPH (Volatile Petroleum Hydrocarbons)


For further information on the Connecticut Reasonable Confidence Protocols and the LSP Association, these links are provided as regulatory resources:


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